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Gabriel Gbadamosi

Gabriel Gbadamosi

Gabriel Gbadamosi is a poet, playwright and essayist. His London novel, Vauxhall, won the 2011 Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize. He was AHRC Creative and Performing Arts Fellow in European and African performance at the Pinter Centre, Goldsmiths, and a Judith E. Wilson Fellow for creative writing at Cambridge University. Book collaborations with visual artists include Sun-Shine, Moonshine with Conroy/Sanderson and The Second Life of Shells with Mandy Bonnell. His plays include Eshu’s Faust (Jesus College, Cambridge), Shango (DNA, Amsterdam), Hotel Orpheu (Schaubühne, Berlin) and for radio The Long, Hot Summer of ’76 (BBC Radio 3) which won the first Richard Imison Award. He lives in London and is RLF writing fellow at the City & Guilds of London Art School. More and more

Gabriel Gbadamosi reads from Vauxhall and talks to film-maker Charlotte Ginsborg. See the film

Author Fay Weldon and Serpentine Galleries curator Hans Ulrich Obrist discuss Vauxhall on BBC Radio 4, A GOOD READ, with Harriett Gilbert. Listen


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