Gabriel Gbadamosi reads from Vauxhall and talks to film-maker Charlotte Ginsborg. See the film

A talk at the ABBEY THEATRE, Dublin on 21 January 2016 as part of its ‘Waking The Nation’ programme 100 years after the Easter Rising. Watch

A short film in the 1000 LONDONERS compilation: GABRIEL – putting a brave face on the pushing out of the poor, the building of light filled, empty skyscrapers with no one dancing and no one at home. See the film

A filmed interview (in French) on writing Vauxhall for LIBRARIE MOLLAT. Watch

Invisible Vauxhall is a downloadable guided walking tour of Vauxhall as A PLACE WITH A PAST, with a gay village and a Portuguese village, with the CCTV surveillance cameras of the secret state surrounding the main M16 buildings. In a series of short films discover its hidden gardens and strange menageries. See one of the films. Find the Multiwalks app here.

Filmed at HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN – philosophy for our times: cutting edge debates and talks from the Institute of Arts and Ideas – Gabriel Gbadamosi discusses Cultures of the Body See the film and The Cinema of Ideas See the film

Gabriel Gbadamosi is delivering an ORAL HISTORY PROJECT for Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre on behalf of The Vauxhall Society. Part of the project is a Monica Alcazar film short in which VGCC’s over-60s recall memorable meals. The film, VAUXHALL MEMORIES, is now on YouTube, and there are plans to show it on a loop out of doors in and around Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. A DVD and book are to follow. The Vauxhall Memories project was made possible by Covent Garden Market Authority, working with the London Community Foundation and Lady Margaret Hall Settlement. See the film


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