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Standing with the dead in Charleston, South Carolina

Breaking Ground: visiting the Charleston shooting site

‘What are your bodies telling you we’re doing standing here in this parking lot?’

It was probably too bald a question to put to the two young African American women scholars standing beside me, but I had to ask it. My body was in trouble, my body was feeling bad, my body had shooting pains – imaginary bullets passing through its shoulder blades, belly, upper thigh, left hand, brain, ear, eye – my body felt hot. More

TV5 Monde – Sur les rives de la Tamise, Vauxhall

Au bord de la Seine plutôt que sur les rives de la Tamise, Gabriel Gbadamosi était l’invité de TV5 Monde pour parler de “Vauxhall” : Regarder (1minute 40seconds d’attente)

Beside the Seine rather than the banks of the Thames, Gabriel Gbadamosi was invited by TV5 Monde to speak about “Vauxhall” : (1minute 40seconds in)